Metropolitan logistics Pvt Ltd. being an eminent company in the field of supply chain with specialisation of logistics deals with major companies covering almost all the fields in the industry. Some of the fields that we deal in are :-


As automobile industry in growing at a rapid rate we have a strong goodwill in the automobile industry as we deal with all type of auto parts, catalysts , tyres etc.


We mainly deal In  telecommunication industry and have a good knowledge of the parts and goods involved in telecom like chips, e-circuits, transrecievers etc.

Textile Industry

Bieng one of the most industry of all times we also have our relations with textile industry and do provide our quality services to them.

Gold Machinries

Gold industry Is not very easy in terms of logistics management but being experienced service providers we handle Tedious jobs also easily we deal in all custom clearances of gold and gold machineries, and also logistic support of them.

General Goods

We deal in all the consumer and general goods as required by the client.

MFG Goods

We also deal in all the manufacturing goods Raw materials, Semi-processed or Fully finished goods.


Any type of Furnitures, Furnishings, Fancy lights etc best services are provided.