Project & ODC Transportation


Metropolitan has the capacity to take care of all your special project and ODC cargo. We provide you with a tailor made transport solution, supported by our own vehicles and material. Whether your cargo is import or export, MEPOL organizes a 'door-to-door' solution.



With its expertise in the different fields of transportation MEPOL has a solid knowledge on how to handle your special projects. Our fleet, including low bed, semi low bed and normal trailers, can carry all your project cargo. For the heavy lift cargo MEPOL has purchased a Volvo puller and provides you with hydraulic axles to move your cargo safely and damage free to its destination.

Loading and Unloading

Loading an Unloading of project cargo, especially heavy lifts, requires a proper understanding of the cargo, the proper material to be used and careful handling by the loaders. MEPOL understands the costliness of your shipment and hires the best people to do the job.

Road Surveys

India's road infrastructure can be tricky. In order to safely transport your cargo, a proper road survey will be done in order to avoid any unexpected bottlenecks during transportation.

Lashing and Leashing

Lashing and Leashing of your cargo is a separate technique. In a joint team with the loaders we make sure your cargo is securely fastened for transportation so that it arrives without damage.